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Posted on December 10th, 2014

We are all strangers looking for our place in the sun. Continuing with our week of spiritual emphasis, today Pastor Hein talked about something that I think affected all of us on some spiritual level. He spoke about his hobby and love for photography and, more specifically, his love for taking pictures of sunflowers. On his travels he has searched for many sunflower fields to take that perfect picture and, on one of these occasions, he found the most perfect setting. He told us more about how excited he was about the prospect of getting this perfect picture, but his quiet was disturbed by a stranger. He continued telling us the story of how he was so preoccupied with his perfect picture that he felt he did not extend the time and grace to the stranger that he should have.


I am still young, and in many instances I feel that I do not know much about the world or my place in it. Unfortunately, I am young in a world where everything comes down to an individual search, thereby rendering the world a place where strangers just live past each other, not extending a hand of peace or grace, all on a quest to find their own place in the sun.

While I was pondering over this statement, Pastor Hein’s voice came crashing through my thoughts. I don’t know if it was because he started talking louder or if it was just something I was supposed to hear, but what he said got me out of my haze of thought. He asked: “What would Jesus do?”

The honest answer I have is: I don’t know. Not that I don’t know what He would have done or what he would have wanted me to do, but what would he have done if he found that this field of sunflowers that he has created, each with their own spot in the sun, each with their own unique traits, are so caught up and focused on keeping their own place in the sun that they don’t realise that the search for the sun is not an individual journey? Because, what Jesus would have done, was make a friend of a stranger.

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