If not ask why…

This morning someone approached me to have a talk. The person explained to me that they are feeling very down. Then the person said “I’ve been battling my whole life and I can’t take it anymore”.

This got me thinking. We sometimes feel exactly like that, but I would like today, to remind you that even in the darkest and lowliest of times we all have some aspect of our lives that was at very least good. My colleague unwittingly assisted with this train of thought when I mentioned that I was having a down day. “Have you laughed today?” she asked. I did not answer but I had laughed. We truly need to do our best to stop focussing on all the bad and negative to the point where it seems that its so much more than the good and positive. We do need to count our blessings and find and identify the good things the positive elements, especially when we feel down.

Have you laughed today?

(If not ask why…)

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