New Year’s resolutions

Every year on the first of January we make New Year’s resolutions – how we are going to do things differently in the New Year. Some would like to travel more, while others promise to visit family regularly.
But the most common resolution is to get fit and join a gym. On the second of January, we sign a contract and on the third we’re on the treadmill. But often, that resolution doesn’t even last till the end of the month!
I would say the reason for this is because we jump into a contract and it all sounds good, but I’ve seen that people don’t plan on how and when they will be able to get to the gym. Some are even keen to start at six o’clock in the mornings, but did not take into account that their job might require working late, going to bed tired at twelve in the evenings and having to wake up at five to be at the gym at six. Five hours sleep each day of the week is not healthy for anyone because sleep is very important.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying one should not exercise, but I do want to encourage you to plan your week ahead. Rather aim to get to the gym twice a week with an easy programme. This is more reasonable and easier to accomplish. It’s not as demanding as a five-day workout plan. I would also recommend starting off with an easy programme to build up your fitness levels to a place where you are more comfortable with yourself.

When you find a rhythm that works, one can start to add an extra day or change to a more challenging workout plan. As your fitness levels increase, you will find time to get to gym more regularly. Exercising will become more enjoyable and at the end of the day, you will feel like a brand new person because of the increased energy from your session in the gym!
So, if this is your New Year’s resolution, go for it and make it count at the end of 2016!

By Deon Labuschagne
Vista Clinic Happiness HELPS Ambassador

HH Ambassador

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