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I know a lot has been said regarding perception. Apparently not enough has been said though, because it remains a problem.

Perception in the sense of misinterpretation of intentions and /or perception in the sense of seeing something from the wrong viewpoint.

So many of us listen but do not hear. We listen with what we want to hear or what we think we should be hearing. Then we base feelings and actions on that! Frightening if you thing about it. How many decisions have we based on complete inaccurate information? Best remedy for this is to stop contemplating while someone is talking and to actually listen. Perhaps even add a summative question to show and check that you have understood correctly.

The viewpoint. Viewpoint or the perspective from which we see things make a big difference to virtually everything. Glass half full or half empty? If a person bumps into a pedestrian with their vehicle on the highway; are they guilty of trying to hurt that person or is the pedestrian guilty of walking in front of a moving vehicle? For a person driving a car five kilometres is close, for a person walking, five kilometres is far. The list can continue. The point is our opinion; mood and even behaviour can be (probably will be) influenced by the manner in which we view a matter, person or situation.

We should consider more than our own viewpoint and question ourselves as to the validity, logic and good sense before reacting on a particular perspective.

Take aways:

1) Before reacting think and confirm.

2) Ask a qualifying question (e.g. How would this seem if I considered it from that


3) Check with reflective questions before executing anything.

Have a tremendous evening everyone!

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