RUN4YOU – follow up

What a blessed day it was for everyone. The best word to describe it is: excellent!
People do support mental health; the evidence is in the support we received for the Run4You event, but more about that later on.

All the months of planning and hard work came together and fitted together like a hand in a glove! The committee (I call them the Dream Team) came and helped with the set up. The team consisted mostly of my family. One of my brothers was responsible for the sound. The music helped to create an exciting atmosphere. It was such an amazing feeling and great honour when Vista’s minibus arrived on the premises. They brought beautiful, coloured Happiness HELPS banners that we used to set up a start and finish point. It created such a welcoming effect.DSCN6137

Soon, people started entering and whenever I turned to look at the entry table, I saw the number of people entering increase. With each entry, the participant received a ‘Happiness HELPS’ sticker. It was so exciting to see all the participants with their stickers. All together, three hundred participants entered.
I also participated in the race because I wanted to set an example to show people that one can live a healthy life, even with a mental illness,

The race started at six, and along the way I made new friends. Half way, I caught up with a lady who was running her first race ever. We supported each other all the way. Just before the finish line, I took her hand and said: Let’s finish this together. That was a big moment for me because it’s exactly what I want to do in life; to encourage and help people.

Run4You was a huge success for the first of its kind in Vanderbijlpark! But I will never forget that this was a God idea. God’s favour rested on the event. I can write a whole book of testimonies of His favour and faithfulness. When I look at the event from a distance, I see how God put it together because everything was of excellence! My wish is still people to be educated in mental health and that they can live a full life despite having an illness.

By Deon Labuschagne
Vista Happiness HELPS Ambassador
HH Ambassador

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