When plans fall to the way side

I am the first to admit I do not plan every step in my life; however I like to have a plan in terms of work and the future. When I was younger, like most of us, I knew that I wanted to get married at

“this” age and have children by “this” age (as if it is so easy, as if you can order your life from a menu) and to be truly honest I still want life to work like that, but have accepted to an extend that I cannot order my life from a menu.

This being said…. nothing and I mean nothing gets under my skin more than if I have made plans and they just don’t work out due to other’s crappy planning. A simple example, this morning when I got to the office I made provision for work that needs to be done this week and over the weekend it was then that I got the call that trough my week’s planning into chaos. I had to jump into fixing mode and rearrange most of my week’s planning.

Then I realised why I had been feeling so down and depressed last week…what if my life does not meet my expectations what if the dreams and plans I have for myself does not happen. I work with people everyday who had these amazing plans for their lives, which simply did not work out. This is such a scary feeling, but all too common as many of us know this feeling all too well.  When asking my awesome office mate (he who shall not be named) to give me some advice on this he said: “you of all people should know that the only constant thing in life is change” and  “you should except that things will not always work out as you have planned them” BUT do I know how? Or the better question do I want to?

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