The world exists of stories. Every nation, every tribe, every group of friends, every family, every couple, and every individual has their story. So too does the Bible have a story, the story of God’s relationship with His people. His story has always been about relationships. He wants to be in relationship with His people, and He wants His people to be in relationships with each other. A good example of this is how God created man, but didn’t stop there. He created another person.

In the very olden days God’s people talked about the Holy Trinity as the Perichoresis, which translated into “Circle Dance”. It was a dance between Father, Son, and Spirit. With the day of creation God opened the floor to us humans to become a part of this dance. He invites us to become a part of his dance and to become a part of each other’s dance.


This dance would be the sharing in one another’s stories. Being a part of each other’s lives. If it has not occur to you already this is exactly what we do at weddings. The bride and groom come as two separate people from different families and they join as one, then they open the dance floor and their family and friends join in and become a part of the sharing in each other’s lives.

So take the time today to listen to someone who would like to share their story with you, you may have no idea of the impact you make.

Written by Hanro Vorster




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