Why are you backing down?

In primary school we played a very popular game that we called ‘open the gate.’  Everyone who played along would stand in a row at the end of the field except for one person who would stand in the middle of the field.  If this person called your name, it was up to you to ‘open the gate’. You had to run past him without being caught to the other side of the field. Once you were past him, you had opened the gate for all the others to also run to the other field.  But if you were caught, you also stood in the middle to help catch the others as they ran to join the group in the middle.

One morning before school when we played this game, I wasn’t keen on being tackled. They called me and as a big boy was coming toward me to tackle me, I backed off and said: ‘Okay, okay you’ve got me! I won’t try to pass you.’ I disqualified myself when he didn’t even come near me.

It also reminded me of the twelve spies who Moses sent to Canaan. Only two of the ten said: ‘Yes, we can take the land!’ while the others said: ‘We don’t stand a chance!’ Caleb was one of the two spies who remembered that they could do it because he believed in his God and what He had done for them, while the others forgot God and his wonders.

I must admit, some days I feel like one of the ten spies:  doomed for life, and that I should back down before I get hurt.
Then I think of my God and how big He is, and all of a sudden my challenges shrink. The challenges are still there, but now I view them from a perspective of a conqueror!

An awesome verse to remember in difficult times is Luke 1:37: ‘Nothing is impossible for God.’ There is no reason to back down if you know your God!

Article by Deon Labuschagne


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