How to be the best Valentine this Valentine’s Day.

It is Valentine’s Day… Whoop whoop! So here are a few steps to make sure that you are the best “Valentine” this year.

Step 1: Know it is Valentine’s Day.

Okay, so we have already nailed step one. By this time, your Facebook, e-mails and phone has probably reminded you that it is V-day. If you forgot – no worries! You know now, and the next few steps will help you be the most awesome “Valentine” ever.

Step 2: Forget what you think you know about Valentine’s Day.

The nay-sayers will tell you that Valentine’s Day is only a holiday invented by the greeting card companies and chocolate manufactures to make more money out of you. Furthermore, if you Google Valentine’s Day, you will be surprised by all the legends, tall tales and half-truths. But, the point is, it is about love and celebrating connectedness, so don’t get caught up in the past of what it means or the retail gimmicks – see it for what it is: a celebration of love! And this includes all types of love, be it parental love, friendship, or romantic love.

Step 3: Small gestures

As we discussed in step 2, it should not be about getting a 100 long-stem red roses, but rather that someone in your life cared enough to take the time to think of you and express their care. Therefore, take the time to think of the people you love and do something to express your care. It can be very glamorous or very simplistic. I have found that small gestures like funny cards or little acts of service and some quality time goes a long way. So this evening, just put your phone down and connect with someone you care about.

Step 4: Speak their language

Valentine’s Day is all about hearing that you are loved. However, we all hear and communicate love in different ways. Some want to hear you say it (“I love you”, “you look beautiful”, “I appreciate what you do”). Others want you to show them through acts of service (“honey, I will make dinner tonight”, “Can I help you with that”). Some want you give them your time. They feel special and loved if you make time for them and do something they find to be fun. You also have your gift receivers, and no they do not just care about material things – gifts to them are a tangible symbol of your love and it can be really small, like getting them a small treat when you go to the shop. Lastly, you get the language of physical touch: some feel loved when you just reach out and give them a hug or walk with them hand in hand. Make sure you tell the people you love how much you love and care for them in a love language they understand.

Step5: Have fun!!!

Love is a fun thing so it does not matter if you have been married for 40 years, if you are planning to propose, if you are single, or if you and that special someone are just having a quiet night in. For me, the whole point of Valentine’s Day is celebrating the fun and good times we have with the ones we love, while we still can.

Have a great Valentine’s Day.






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