Truth above emotion

Gold Reef City.  I have been there only twice in my life and I must say it’s not fun for me.  All the different rides – up, down, turning, twirling, or a sudden fall – and most of the rides last only a few seconds.  These rides make me think of all the different kinds of emotion we experience every day.  There’s the Anaconda ride that is like the ‘wild’ side of you that says: ‘Let’s go wild and think about the consequence later!’ The bumper cars can be related to anger, when you pick a fight just because you want to take it out on someone.  What about the ‘Sudden Death Drop?’  The nervous feeling of waiting your turn and then the doubt of: ‘Did I do the right thing getting on?’

I wonder what would happen if all of human kind gave up all control and made our decisions based only on emotions.  One thing is for sure:  there would be no control of anything or anyone!  Think back on how many people in your life you wanted to strangle or shoot because they made you angry?  This is just a silly thought but if I answered this question, there would be a number of court cases against me.

But what stopped me from acting on my emotions? Truth!  Truth makes me aware and makes me think about what am I about to do if I acted on my emotion.

Example: I want to hurt someone for making a fool of me.
Truth: Firstly, it’s not wise to act out of hurt.  Secondly, I could hurt him so badly that he ends up in hospital, and then I have to pay up because I couldn’t control my emotions.

Another example: I want to do my work my way and at my pace.
Truth: I work in an institution where there are rules and laws that I need to submit to as long as I work there.  If I don’t work accordingly, I could lose my job.

When we make decisions, especially important life decisions, we should ask ourselves ‘What would the truth be about my situation after I have made this decision?’


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