Fighting the winter blues.

Most of us hate winter and the changing of the season, but as the leaves start falling and we feel the bite in the air, there is no more running and no more hiding; we have to face it… Winter is coming!

For many, the changing of the season also means a change in their mood, and as they layer on the clothes, they also start to develop a layer of depression and anxiety. Here are some tips to beat the winter blues:

  1. Don’t sleep in

You may be very tempted to just lay in a little while longer now that the morning air is a bit cooler, but keeping to your normal, regular sleeping pattern may help with the transition into winter.

  1. Don’t stop doing things, just do them a bit different.

When the winter chills come ’a knocking, our summer intentions seem to run out the door. So, don’t quit your healthy eating habits just because salad isn’t a great winter food, rather substitute it with healthy winter dishes. Don’t stop exercising or socialising with friends because it is cold outside, maybe find alternative venues that are more suitable to the winter conditions.

  1. Add some more colour

As the autumn leaves are falling to the ground, we are surrounded by beautiful shades of brown, gold, red and orange, but pretty soon they too will be gone and we will be left with only the greys of winter. If the greys have a tendency to get you feeling glum, take some time to brighten up your home, office, or wardrobe.

  1. Change your perspective and don’t wallow

Just because we had to pack away the bathing suits and sun dresses, it does not mean that we packed away all the fun. Winter does make it more challenging to engage in outdoor activities, but there are still loads of fun things to be done indoors. This is a great time to give your creativity some free reign Have an indoor picnic, a family board game night, build a fort – the possibilities are endless!

  1. Take care

If your depression is sensitive to the winter months, make sure that you are doing everything you possibly can to keep yourself physically, emotionally and mentally healthy.

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