Dedicated to YOU

For the past 35 years, Vista Clinic has strived to help heal the person who matters most – You. From our people, to our technology, and our support network, everything we do at Vista Clinic is done with your healing and comfort in mind. Its all about working together to make sure that you are at the center of everything we do.

In June 1984 Dr Japie Vermaak (Psychiatrist) started Vista Clinic with only a few beds from his home in Pretoria, South Africa. Today Vista Clinic has 158 beds making Vista one of the largest private psychiatric hospitals in Southern Africa.

Vista Clinic is part of the global Adventist Health Care network which is the second largest health care provider worldwide. The Hospital is structured into 7 wards where skilled psychiatric nursing staff provides quality patient centred care.

With 28 dedicated Psychiatrists and more than 70 allied clinicians we are able to treat a wide variety of psychiatric illnesses.
The most frequent conditions treated are mood and anxiety disorders such as depression, bipolar disorders, post traumatic stress disorders and also psychotic illnesses.

As a leader in the private psychiatric hospital services, Vista Clinic has always maintained an exceptional level of service delivery. We believe that people with mental health problems are entitled to the best treatment possible to ensure successful re-integration into the community thereby achieving the highest level of functioning and quality of life.

Vision reaching, caring & healing

To remain the industry benchmark through reaching, caring and healing patients in such a dynamic way that we become the designated health establishment for all funders, health care providers and the community.

Our mission is to fulfil our vision through: Reaching, caring and healing people maintaining exceptional professional service and support Optimalisation of resources, ensuring a profitable outcome Maintaining a wholistic, dimensional approach to enhance healing of the body, mind and spirit Creating a therapeutic environment, continuous research, training and development to build organizational capacity

Our facilities include
• 7 x wards
• 158 beds
• Pharmacy
• Coffee shop
• ECT theatre

Therapeutic team

Psychiatrists The therapeutic team is headed by a psychiatrist, who refers patients for specific therapeutic interventions and admission to Vista Clinic. The psychiatrist is responsible for psychiatric consultations and psychotherapy on a daily basis while the patient is hospitalised, as well as for the medication prescription and review of the psychiatric medication.


Psychological services are available on referral. Patients are referred to a psychologist for psychotherapy and/or psychometric evaluation.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists assess patients according to their levels of functioning. Treatment includes learning activities and socio-emotional group therapy. The aim is towards independency, healing and appropriate social behaviour.

Pastoral counsellors

The pastoral counsellors work towards the rediscovery of the unity between body, mind and spirit. During counselling sessions spiritual, social and emotional issues are explored in order for the patient to obtain insight and personal integration. Most people who are trapped in depression, anxiety or poor and abusive relationships are overwhelmed with a sense of despair, robbing them of any sense of hope.

Nursing staff

The professional nurses are at the core of psychiatric hospital care. They work with the rest of the multi disciplinary team by assessing the patient’s mental health status, and planning specific nursing interventions to ensure individual care according to identified needs.

Social worker

Social workers assist patients to assess and evaluate their social network and to develop supportive relationships. If indicated, social workers may refer to other institutions for continuous care.


The physiotherapist assesses the effect of the mental illness on the body, and implements specific treatment interventions to relieve the effects of muscle tension, strain and pain, ensuring pain relief and relaxation.


There is a pharmacy on the premises. The pharmacist supplies the prescribed medication and liaises with other members of the therapeutic team as indicated.

Vista Academy

Vista Academy is a division of Vista Clinic. Vista Clinic is the leader in CPD (Continuing Professional Development) provision for over seventeen years. Vista Academy believies strongly that on-going training and learning is to the benefit of the patient and the clinician. Vista Academy’s wide range of CPD activities caters for the needs of clinicians and we are constantly looking at ways of expanding these learning learning opportunities we provide. Vista Academy organizes monthly CPD Seminars for Psychologists, Social Workers and counselors.