How to keep to your New Year’s resolutions!

It is the New Year and you have all probably made and broken your New Year’s resolutions. Don’t worry, keeping to New Year’s resolutions are easier said than done. Some even stop making them all together to avoid the heartbreaking experience of not keeping to it.
However, the real reason we make New Year’s resolutions is because we have this thing in us called hope that makes us aspire to more than what we are or were. We want to be better, we want to have and be more and what a better time to start something new than a new year which is filled with hope and the promise of something new.
So today we will be talking about how people keep their New Year’s resolutions (at least until June)

1: Keep doing it!
Many think that keeping to your New Year’s resolutions are simple, all you need is to want it bad enough. The reasoning behind this is simple enough, if you want it bad enough the motivation will just ooze out of you. However, this is not the case, motivation does not just come because you want it to. Motivation, like most things worthwhile, take work and practice. Therefore, the best way to keep on doing something is to keep on doing something. The first step is to really think about what you want to get done then set and create a workable plan and then make sure you keep to it no matter what. Continue “How to keep to your New Year’s resolutions!”