Every morning, Lewenslig have an hour of devotion.  After scripture reading and prayer they have a time of worship.  They sing songs kids are taught in primary school so that they can understand and remember them better.

Last month they had a fund-raising evening.  Other schools and drama clubs came to sing, dance and perform.  Lewenslig also had an opportunity during the show to sing their songs for the audience and they sang with their whole heart.
They had to sit at the back of the school hall because some of them often have to go the bathroom.  It was also easier to control them from the there.
Some of the schools did worship dancing (dancing/miming to the words of a praise and worship song) with beautiful white dresses and huge flags.

First Google ever!

These days if we don’t know how to do anything the quickest and simplest way to find out how, is to google it. However when it comes to our spirituality it is extremely hard to find answers. However, we have the oldest and still most effective google out there…..the bible. The problem is we don’t always know how to read our bibles so here are a few tips to keep in mind.

bible app pic

  • Pray first before opening God’s word.  Ask for guidance and to be able to accept what is written and to be able to apply His will to your life.
  • Never, never read the Bible trying to proof your belief on any subject.  It is only human nature to take ideas out of context. But trying to force the bible to fit your opinion is not going to be helpful either.   Continue “First Google ever!”

Poison attitude

A Chinese girl named Li-li got married and moved in with her new husband, unfortunately for Li-li her mother-in-law also lived there. Since her mother-in-law was very obnoxious and Li-li did not like having her live with her and her new husband, Li-li decided to kill her Mother-in-law.

In hatching her plan  Li-li went to her doctor to get slow-acting poison. The doctor gave her the poison, but said, “Just so that people don’t suspect you, treat your mother-in-law very nice,treat her like you’d want to be treated.” So Li-li obliged and was nice to her mother-in-law as she slipped a little poison into her food each day.

However, to Li-li surprise, a funny thing happened. The two started getting along and became best of friends. Realizing that she may have already done some harm Li-li went back to the doctor and said, “I now love my mother-in-law and don’t want to kill her; please give me something to counteract the poison.” The doctor replied, “I gave you ordinary vitamins; the only poison was in your attitude.”

attitude changes everything Continue “Poison attitude”

94.7, here I come again! Watch out!

Many people, including my psychiatrist, Dr Jerry Bezuindenhout, asked me if I would do the 94.7 cycle challenge again this year.  At first I said no because I’m training for a triathlon and there would not be enough time to get on the road to do the required number of hours with my bike, but he encouraged me that my muscle power from the swimming and running would add extra strength for cycling.

After the race last year, I have never ridden further than forty kilometers.  In a triathlon, it would only be necessary to do twenty kilometres, so why train for more than forty?

I only have four months to train.  My first thoughts for a training programme were that I would start by doing a forty and evaluate myself to see how long my body’s endurance lasted, then take it from there.  But cycling forty kilometres felt like such a drag. Two days later I set out to do a sixty but I ended up doing a seventy. Continue “94.7, here I come again! Watch out!”

Help others to help yourself

Let’s face it most of us have that one person in our lives that drain every single bit of our energy. Don’t get me wrong we love them, but they can take their toll. A great way to protect yourself in this regard is helping others understand what your boundaries are.

Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries is essential to any good relationship here are some aspects that we can use to educate others about our boundaries.

1. The knowledge of me

Before we can express our needs to others we need to know what they are first. We can only advise others about our own boundaries if we are aware of our own limitations, needs and wants. Therefore take so time to get to know you. Ask yourself what do you like? What don’t you like? What do you want from life? What are your goals? Then educate people in your life about these things.

 2. Emotional awareness

Be aware of your own emotions as well as the behaviors that accompany them. This will be very useful in relationships when I am able to communicate my frustrations without using negative techniques like sarcasm, avoidance behavior, and passive aggressiveness or if you are anything like me just making grunt sounds. Continue “Help others to help yourself”

17 Things I want you to know about my mental illness

Mental illness has a profound effect on a sufferer’s life. Not just because the illness start effecting them physically, emotionally and cognitively, but it starts having a profound effect on their social interaction and personal relationships.

So very often I find patients in my groups telling me how they wish their partners and family members knew how they felt or understood what they were going through. You see what many people don’t know is that any mental illness effects a persons communication skills, therefore many, suffering from these illnesses, find it so difficult to express the way they feel.

I wished on many occasions that I can tell their partners and family members what they are unable to tell them, but of course I can’t it has to come from them.

17things picture

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10 Ways to develop an attitude of gratitude #2

After our first post on how to develop and attitude of gratitude I started paying attention to the people around me to see how grateful they really are. Boy was I surprised and not in a good way.

Let us back track just a little bit. Yesterday was not the best day ever for me, nothing specifically bad happened it was just one of those days, you know where you just need someone to give you a hug and R50 000. However, it seemed like everybody was having a bad day. By merely moving through the hospital I could not help but over hear people complaining, and when I say complain I mean COMPLAIN. I heard people complaining from how the weather is not the perfect spring weather like it is supposed to be to complaining about how bad their leave was (I didn’t even know you could complain about going on leave).

Gratitude Continue “10 Ways to develop an attitude of gratitude #2”

Helping others train for the 94.7

I have a good friend who was entered for the 94.7 by the company he works for, together with his fiancé and his colleagues.  They aren’t experienced cyclists. When I asked him how the training was going, he replied that they had started training, mostly thirty or forty kilometres over a weekend.  His fiancé said that to train on the road was too monotonous and they found a mountain bike much more exciting.

I could not believe my ears when I heard this.  In my opinion it is two different sports and can’t be compared, although both involve a bike.  One of the most important differences is that on a mountain bike you cycle while standing up most of the time, whereas on a road bike you sit ninety-nine per cent of the time.  On the other hand, another friend told me that mountain biking can give you extra strength for road cycling. Continue “Helping others train for the 94.7”

Run4You – Mental health awareness run

In June I participated in a fun run to raise funds for a lady who was in a serious cycling accident.  People showed up in numbers their support by running five kilometers.  Watching them I thought to myself wouldn’t it be great if people could show their support for mental health by being part of such an event?  After thinking and praying about it I concluded that it needed to be done and my home town, Vanderbijlpark, would be perfect place to start.

On many occasions people asked me where they can get help or just ask questions about mental health.  This is where fun run comes in.
The idea was to create a safe environment for people to get out of the shadow of a mental illness, without being judged or looked down upon because of it or reaching out for help.  Whether the people has an illness or have a family member or friend that they want to support.  This was an event for mental awareness so people don’t need to be afraid to ask questions, because they weren’t the only person there with depression or bipolar.

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How to develop an attitude of gratitude #4

Number 4 on our list of how to develop an attitude of gratitude is to: Learn Prayers of Gratitude. In many spiritual traditions, prayers of gratitude are considered to be the most powerful form of prayer, because through these prayers people recognize the ultimate source of all they are and all they will ever be.

This is also just a great way to become mindful of all the different aspects in your life to be grateful for. As well as giving you an opportunity too just take stock of what is happening in your life at this moment.

Here is one example of a gratitude prayer if you find it difficult to get stated. As you go on you can change and adapt your prayer as it suits your current situation. But Remember writing your prayer is very much part of the process as it is something for you to grow your own attitude of gratitude.

Gratitude prayer: 

Thank you, Lord, for the blessings you have bestowed on my life. You have provided me with more than I could ever have imagined. You have surrounded me with people who always look out for me. You have given me family and friends who bless me every day with kind words and actions. They lift me up in ways that keep my eyes focused on you and make my spirit soar.

Gratitude Continue “How to develop an attitude of gratitude #4”