A message of HOPE – in the time of a storm


While we sail in the storm of the third wave of the Corona Pandemic, I can only think what it must have felt like for the passengers and staff on the Titanic on the fateful night of the 14th April 1912.  It is more than a year ago, that we all experienced this ship called Corona take sail, and as soon as we felt that one storm is weathered, another arrived, more intense and destructive than the previous one.

In a time when all seems so hopeless and when we face the devastation of the impact of yet another wave, it is so comforting to know that someone is there.  As I listened to Dr Bezuidenhout speaking in the video clip attached, it just warmed my heart to know that there is a message of hope and support in a time when all seems lost.  I realize that it is in a time like this that we should remain conscious of our health, and more so our mental health.  For many people, this time can be an extremely emotional one – dealing with the shock of testing positive for Covid and the fear of death, the trauma and grief of losing a loved one or an acquaintance, the fear of contracting the virus or spreading it unknowingly to others, the anxiety over what happens to little children and family if one should fall ill, the constant worry and stress over jobs and finances and if there will still be a job in the next few months, the guilt over surviving and overcoming the illness…the list is endless.

The message is clear – keeping body and mind healthy is very important. For many it will feel like the storm cannot be weathered alone.  It is great to know that there is support and comfort during this these trying times.

Therefore, we are here. When it feels like everything has become “just too much”, please know that WE ARE HERE.

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